what is gnome-print?

gnome-print is a C-based API that implements the Postscript imaging model. It is an actively developed project, and it is being used by various GNOME applications. There are two extensions to the Postscript imaging model supported by gnome-print: Alpha channel support and anti-aliasing. gnome-print includes a rasterizing engine that transforms the requests into bitmaps for native drivers. Various drivers are provided underneath this API, for instance, the current version of GNOME print ships with:

gnome-print also offers other features for GNOME applications (if you want to use GNOME features):

The current limitations of gnome-print are:

This means that only black and white show up correctly in the output. Incorporating a ditherer should be simple. Miguel has been trying to get any kind of ditherer in place so we can use something better than plain black and white in the HP PCL driver (and other native drivers).

The direction in which we want to move gnome-print in the future include: